Dog Grooming – How Often Should You Clean That Dog?

It is the duty of the owner of the dog to ensure that their pet is clean, happy, and healthy. The same can be achieved by washing the dog regularly so that the luster on its coat is restored. Along with this, you would also be removing any dirt, mites or any other irritants, which are dangerous, from the dog’s skin. Of course, if the owner does not have time, they will contact you, as the owner of a dog grooming business, to do the job for them.

There are different recommendations regarding when and how often a dog should be groomed. The reason for this is that there are certain individual factors, which have to be taken into account. These include the dog’s breed, the physical activity it undertakes every day, and the environment it lives in. Some people think that a dog should be shampooed every week while others think that every six weeks is sufficient. However, this frequency would vary from one breed of dog to another.

Some dogs love to get dirty and so need to be washed more often. And if they are inside dogs then they should be washed more often. If pets are left dirty it can result in disease in both the dog and its owner. As a professional dog groomer, you can advise your clients when their doggie friend will need its next bath, but you cannot enforce this.

Some dogs from certain breeds have coats that are generally oilier than the coats of other dogs. Such dogs are more susceptible to smells which are quite unpleasant. They also look dirtier and less appealing to play with. So they should be washed more often. Another important factor would be the length of the dog’s hair. The longer the hair, the more frequent the baths should be.

Still, one thing to remember is that one should not bathe the dog too often, as it could have a negative impact on the dog’s skin. The dog’s skin will become drier and this could cause itching and irritation to your pet.

Generally, the signs indicating that you need to bathe a dog vary. When you think the animal is looking dirty, or the skin is oily and stinking, or you see some dander on its skin, then it means that it is time for the dog to be bathed. If the dog seems to shed too much skin, then it would be better to brush it. In case only the eyes and the face of the dog look dirty, the owner may prefer to just use a wet cloth to wipe its face.

The simple and best way to bathe a dog would be to put it in a tub and saturate it with warm water. Then use a shampoo and apply it on all the fur, but keep shampoo out of the dog’s eyes. After this, you should rinse the body with water so that there is no soap left. In most cases, it would be better to use a shampoo which is mild. A harsher shampoo can damage the skin of the animal and the effect can be permanent. There are plenty of pet shops that offer special shampoos for dogs that have sensitive and drier skin. If the dog has longer fur, then you should consider using a conditioner on the matted coat.

You can readily wash your dog as recommended by your vet, especially if it has special needs. Generally, a dog that is washed regularly will be more pleasant to live with. Your dog’s health will be protected from infections and the coat will be free of tangles and burrs.